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Vehicle Graphics


Advertise your company on the go with a custom car wrap. Vinyl car wraps are an affordable and effective means of branding for all types of vehicles.

We Design, Print & Install Vehicle Signage

We wrap various cars and vans on a daily basis, with our own on-site printers and plotters to cater to every detail. From small logos and text on the side and back, to a full colour change with a vehicle wrap. We can create any look you require. Get passers by stopping in their tracks and getting you really noticed. Our in house graphics designers can produce artwork for any type of company vehicle, including van signs and car decals of any kind. If you require a full colour change in the form of a vehicle wrap or to a small logo on the side of your car, we have you covered!

Our vehicle signage service is offered on our premises, from the design to printing to installation. This means we really are your One Stop Shop for all your branding requirements. All of our vehicle fittings are performed on-site in Blanchadstown, so we are close to our printers and all tools we need.

Custom Car Wraps In Dublin And Country Wide

Personalize your vehicle with car graphics and magnets. With durable vinyl and custom designs, commercial vehicle wraps will add immense value to your branding and advertising efforts. As a considerably low investment, they’re a great complement to other business signs.

iAds.ie is a Dublin-based signage company, offering high-quality custom vinyl decals for cars that will serve for a long time. They’re easy to apply, take off and won’t ruin your paint or leave behind any residue. While your vehicles carry out their usual business operations, the car wrap will spread your message wherever you go. It’s a one-time investment for a long-term advertising campaign.

Vehicle Signage Types

Created for any type of land vehicle, our car wrap signs offer endless opportunity to brand and personalize your vehicles. They’re used to cover cars fully or partially based on your design ideas and requirements. Take your vehicle branding to the next level and make the most use of business cars with custom vehicle wraps. They’re appealing and effective regardless of your business sphere and vehicle type.

Car Graphics

Since we see ordinary cars everywhere, they don’t garner a lot of attention. Not to worry – making your business cars noticeable is easy with large car decals. They offer mobile advertising around your target location and raise interest in your brand.

Trailer Graphics

Whether for business or personal use, trailers offer large mobile advertising and decor space. Huge trailer graphics are used to highlight business logos, contact information, graphics and beyond. They promote products and services with classic charm.

Truck Wraps

Just as your trucks carry your crew and cargo, truck wraps carry your message. Custom truck decals are used by businesses for branding and advertising. Truck lettering can display your logo, company name, contact info and so on.

Van Wraps

Van wraps are widespread among businesses whether they’re used to transport products or people. Van wraps and letters make a great advertisement for any business. Show off your message to customers everywhere with van wraps.

Custom Vehicle Wraps

Haven’t found the wrap you need in the above categories? We offer fully customizable vehicle signage for any type of land vehicle. We’ll help you find the best type of vehicle vinyl wrap from a full car wrap to vehicle lettering.
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Benefits of Vehicle Branding

  • Mobile advertising on the go
  • Maximized brand awareness
  • Optimal usage of free car surface
  • High adhesiveness and no-residue removal
  • Affordability and easy maintenance
  • Weather resistance and durability

Full Vehicle Branding

A full car wrap is an effective way to display your message to a large number of people. The more cars you have wrapped, the more opportunity to familiarize your audience with your brand. We offer a variety of vinyl car wraps for fleets, from custom truck decals to attractive lettering.

Custom car wraps that cover the whole vehicle are also used for changing colour without having to repaint. Vinyl decals are a more affordable alternative to car painting and offer an endless array of unique graphics for decoration. Our crew will make sure your vehicles are quickly and professionally transformed with full car wraps.

Partial Vehicle Branding

In many instances, you may need to apply a vinyl car wrap to only a part of your vehicle. We have you covered there as well! Take a look at common vinyl car wrap types according to placement.

  • Vinyl car wrap for hoods: The front part of the car gets a lot of attention. Car hood decals are used to make an instant impression and help you stand out in traffic.
  • Vinyl car wrap for doors: Have your car doors wrapped in identical prints or display different graphics and text on each one. Your message will be visible from both sides of the street.
  • Vinyl car wrap for windows: We offer window decals for cars made of different types of vinyl. Clear, perforated, frosted and opaque variations are available.

Reusable Car Magnets

The adhesive vinyl car wrap can be applied for both short and long-term usage. However, the car graphics can’t be reused once removed, regardless of size and style.

We do offer a reusable solution in the form of car magnets. These can be removed and reapplied as many times as needed. While car magnets are used for metallic surfaces, static clings are used for windows using an interior application method.

Nevertheless, reusable magnet and cling options don’t have the adhesive power that regular vinyl car wraps do. As a result, they’re not used for large projects like full van covers or truck wraps.

Materials for Custom Car Wraps

Our custom car wraps are all made of high-quality vinyl material. However, there are variations to consider.

  • Perforated vinyl car wrap: This option is used on windows and provides one-way visibility thanks to special holes that cover the surface of the material.
  • Clear vinyl car wrap: The transparent material can be printed with custom designs and applied to the car body and windows alike.
  • Frosted vinyl car wrap: This material may be used with graphics to blur the view from both sides. Its use on car windows may be regulated by different laws according to state.
  • Opaque vinyl car wrap: Opaque is the most used type of vinyl for custom car wraps. It’s mainly applied to the body of a car. Its use on windows may be restricted as it obscures the view.

Installation Service for Car Graphics

We offer sign installation service for car graphics of all types. We’ll apply your wraps with speed and precision regardless of the number of cars you have in your fleet. While small car lettering may be very easy to install, you’ll need professional help with large car decals like van or truck wraps.

Our installation crew will make sure your vinyl car wrap has a refined appearance. We’ll take care of your full or partial car graphics on vehicles of all types. The time and technique will vary depending on the coverage size and vehicle model. Note that installing van and truck signage may take longer than a sedan vinyl car wrap. Contact us for further details.

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