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3D Signs & Letters

3D Signs & Letters


Looking for a bold sign to level up your brand advertising? Then you’re in the right place. 3D signs are the perfect solution for effective brand placement, whether indoors or outdoors. Complete your brand image and optimize your exposure with professional 3D signs. iAds Branding Limited specializes in high-end 3D signs that will magnify your brand appeal in Dublin and around the Ireland.

3D signs and letters create professional business placement in both indoor and outdoor settings thanks to their distinct appearance. Working with a broad range of materials and styles, Front Signs crafts state-of-the-art 3D signs to embody your brand.

Type of 3D Indoor and Outdoor Signage

Custom 3D signs and channel letters are commonly used as an exterior branding medium. They’re also popular for indoor applications where they create a unique and brilliant glow. Custom channel letters are used for an array of purposes as they are flexible in design, size and illumination.


Outdoor Signs & Letters

Channel letter signs will set you apart from the visual noise in crowded business centers. They’re attention grabbing but also merge well with the facade of any building. Properly chosen custom channel letters will foster familiarity with your customers every time they see them in passing.

Indoor Signs & Letters

When used indoors, custom channel letters add a professional touch to your brand. If you want to showcase your brand name or logo indoors, channel letter signs are a radiant solution. Whether illuminated or not, they can be integrated with all types of interior styles.

Types Of 3D Signs & Letters

3D signs are the most preferred signage type for a broad spectrum of branding applications. There are custom 3D signs of various styles that can be positioned in different locations to serve specific needs. Below, we’ll present the most popular 3D logo signs for businesses and beyond.

Aluminum 3D Letters

As one of the most durable materials used in the signage industry, aluminum is the ideal choice for long-term interior and exterior use. We offer two types of 3D metal letters and signs: standard and brushed. Aluminum 3D signs and letters are fully customizable and can be made in your desired style, shape, thickness and color.

Wooden 3D Letters

We offer custom 3D signs made of two types of wood: natural wood and plywood. The latter is a more durable type of wood. It consists of multiple wooden ply layers cross-bonded together to provide supreme density. Wooden 3D signs for businesses come in custom depths and designs to match your specific requirements.

Plastic 3D Letters

Three dimensional signs and letters can be made of various plastic materials such as acrylic, lexan, PVC and more.

The versatility of plastic enables us to make custom 3D signs and letters in personalized designs and thicknesses. Acrylic is one of the most common materials used for 3D signs, especially for free standing fillable 3D sign letters.

Foam Core 3D Letters

For indoor premises and short-term advertising, we offer high-end 3D foam letters. Among the foam core materials we offer are premium foam board, gator board and ultra board. All three materials have a foam core sandwiched between layers with varying densities that distinguish them from one another. The outer layers of the foam board are made of paper; the layers on the outside of the ultra board are made of plastic; the gator board has outer layers made of wooden veneers.

Types of 3D Signs Based on Usage

Being a versatile type of signage, 3D logo signs are applicable for various purposes. Whether you need to depict your company logo or decorate your event venue, three dimensional signs and letters will rise up to the occasion..

3D Signs for Offices & Corporate Centers

Custom 3D signs are the best choice for branding corporate centers and office interiors. With bold 3D signs for businesses, you can display the name and logo of your company throughout the office. You can get personalized 3D office signs with all kinds of durable materials and installation options.

Event Branding 3D Signs & Letters

If you’re looking for unique signage solutions for your event, then custom 3D signs are the perfect choice for you. Whether you’re planning a wedding, birthday party, anniversary gathering or trade show, you can get stunning 3D signs to decorate the venue.

Mall and Store 3D Signs

Custom 3D signs are perfect for highlighting brand names in shopping malls. You can advertise your brand 24/7 with illuminated 3D signs displayed on the storefront and reel in customers by day and night. Custom 3D signs for businesses are the ideal solution for creating a strong brand identity at shopping centers.

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